The future of code reviews: intelligent, tailored, and automated

Metabob's AI-assisted static code analysis enables developers & teams to detect complex hidden errors and vulnerabilities before merging their code

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Metabob outperforms
rule-based systems

Metabob’s machine learning model improves code reviews by significantly reducing false positive rates and creating actionable alerts. Metabob finds less less but more crucial and complex errors in codebases. Thereby noise is reduced from automated code reviews as the tool is capable of examining the context of code snippets.

Time saved

By cutting down on false positives, Metabob saves a significant amount of development time.

Faster issue resolution

Metabob's unique insights enable developers and teams to optimize their development sprints and issue resolutions.

Supported Languages

Save time (and money!) by identifying errors early in the development process

Detect and learn the root causes of code breaking bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Get instant development productivity and code quality key performance metrics.

Use Metabob’s CLI to automatically refactor code to improve code quality and maintainability.

Metabob in action


Hours Saved
of 2h standard debugging time

Bug type: 
Intermittent server crashes


Minutes Saved
of 1h standard debugging time

Bug type:
App unable to start new threads after run period


Hours saved
of 3h standard debugging time

Bug type:
Data is overrepresented in certain batches


Hours saved
of 1.5h standard debugging time

Bug type:
App using 100% available CPU on certain setups

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I absolutely love this and think it's truly ground breaking!

Jonathan De Kock
Tech Lead and Software Developer

I used Metabob and I'm surprised: Metabob helped me to fix a bug that I previously spent 2 hours on.

Viktor Borzov
Front-End Developer

Omg - This is super amazing, more like a super power for developers and data scientists

Boris Ama
Data Scientist

I generally feel that there should be more tools like this. I tried it for one of my projects and it spotted 3 actual problems with my code - wow!

Dmytro Danveskyi
Machine Learning Specialist

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