How to quickly solve bugs in your code by using Metabob

by Massi Genta & Rika Hiratsuka

As we all are aware, debugging and maintaining code is a daunting and time consuming task, especially when you are working on a number of different projects. 

Metabob helps you to identify and fix bugs as quickly as possible. In order to better organize potential bugs, Metabob’s code view allows you to either pin, pin + convert to an issue, or discard identified coding errors. You can always decide which action to take based on each category and severity measurement. 

Once you connect Metabob with your code hosting platform and select one of your repositories, you will be able to see the dashboard view called “Repo Stats.”

Here is a video that explains how to check bugs by clicking “View Identified Issues” or “View Bugs” on Metabob's dashboard view. In addition, feel free to access Metabob's demo to experience how Metabob works on several open source projects.

Now let’s dive deeper into each action item here. 
1. Pin

By pinning bugs you can highlight those errors that you want to review later. Once you pin some of the bugs that Metabob identified, you can simply click “Pinned” to filter items. 

2. Pin + Convert to an issue

Metabob also gives you an option to “Pin + Convert To Issue” when you are going through each bug. Once you convert to an issue, you will be able to check it on your code hosting platform (such as Github and Bitbucket). 

3. Discard

Lastly, you can simply “Discard” any bugs Metabob identified. Don’t worry, you can still review discarded items. 

Filter bugs based on Metabob’s severity score

You can also filter results based on the severity of each bug. We are able to generate severity levels by assessing the span of the change and the type of the changes, which we use to put together a severity score number based on certain boundary conditions that are set. Metabob provides four different severity levels: low, medium, high, and critical. 

If you have any questions or problems checking bugs and organizing them, please contact us here.