How to start a career in AI: Learn from Metabob’s Benjamin Reeves

by  Dmitry Bogdanov

Ben is originally from San Francisco, California, and based in the Bay Area, working as a Director of AI at Metabob.

After college, he thought of pursuing architecture to design buildings, but his interest in engineering, coding, and improving technology never left his sight. Ben's father noticed that Ben was attracted to computer technology since he was a child. Ben shifted the area of his study from design to software engineering, and decided to pursue a masters program in engineering at Stanford University.

In 1985, after graduating from Stanford, Benjamin began working as an engineer at Panasonic. Two years later he was offered the opportunity to work in Japan. He would later have a daughter there and learn Japanese. 

He worked at Panasonic for ten years as an engineer on an advanced answering machine. As new answering machines developed, they became smaller and more efficient by offering features like call screening, remote operation, digital voice prompting and more.

Later at ATR International - Ben managed a software team that built the ATR MATRIX speech translation system that was able to translate language bidirectionally between Japanese and English. It was the breakthrough of technological progress back in 1995. 

From 2012 to 2015 Ben worked for Oracle where he developed a novel speech recognition prototype using NLP from RightNow, speech recognition from multiple SaaS vendors, xcode, Objective C; Android using Java; Python, JSON, Eclipse. 

Moreover, from 2012 to 2017 Ben contributed to Merlin FOSS on Github at SMI. 

Having acquired such a profound and rich background, Ben was intrigued by Metabob's idea to develop an AI assisted static analysis tool that can find complex logic-based errors in code.

Since February 2020, Ben has been working at Metabob as Director of AI. Ben has always been impressed by the stability of established companies like Panasonic and Toyota, but the growth slows down after some time. Ben enjoys working in new fields because he can see if his work is making a real impact in the world.

Various business meetings form a big part of his everyday life. Still he enjoys coding very much. He is driven by innovative ideas and loves to experiment and test his intellectual limits to achieve new breakthroughs. This drive is what fills him with energy and desire to continue with his work. As in the past, his current endeavors will eventually benefit people all around the world.

He comes to work with a smile on his face and does his best to bring an idea to life!