How Metabob Protects Your Intellectual Property

Keeping your intellectual property safe is our top priority.

We never release any information from your repository to any 3rd parties, nor do we attempt reverse engineer your source code.

The "Act on your behalf" permission alert gets triggered due to our possession of your oauth token.  We only use your oauth token to validate users’ identity and accesses, as well as to enable the feature of creating issues and comments on GitHub.

If you add Metabob to a private repository we retrieve your code from Github, we parse it through our source code processor, run it through our AI model and then index some code snippets.

If we have a valid bug detection we may also use part of your parsed code to further improve our model. Other than that we don't store any information for longer than necessary while you have your account.

To see more details about how we prioritize your privacy and safety, visit our Privacy Policy.