Standard code review is time consuming, tedious, and costly

Metabob provides engineering teams with a code review tool that analyzes code holistically, uncovering performance sinks. This saves both time and guessing from the debugging process. The result is significantly increased developer productivity.


The amount of time engineers are currently spending debugging, on average.


Average developer cost for debugging.

Code review using machine learning outperforms rule-based systems

Metabob gives engineering teams insights into their development velocity and code quality - based on a revolutionary code review platform.

Time Saved

Our machine learning model helps to detect complex bugs that current rule-based solutions are not able to find. In combination with cutting down on false positives, Metabob saves a significant amount of development time.

Faster Issue Resolution

Our unique developer productivity insights enable teams to optimize their development sprints and issue resolutions.

Code quality monitoring
with actionable insights

Track developer productivity through advanced development process metrics

Metabob's enterprise dashboard enables teams to measure and improve developer productivity.

Get insights into individual and team productivity and software quality metrics, such as development velocity, bug difficulty and overall code quality.

Get insights into individual developer metrics

Follow a data-driven approach to measure individual developer productivity, including individual developer progress, strengths and areas for improvement.

Review your entire project in one place

Metabob's code review using machine learning helps to identify your repositories' vulnerabilities by detecting complex logic based errors.

Save time fixing bugs


Hours Saved
of 2h standard debugging time

Bug type: 
Intermittent server crashes


Minutes Saved
of 1h standard debugging time

Bug type:
App unable to start new threads after run period


Hours saved
of 3h standard debugging time

Bug type:
Data is overrepresented in certain batches


Hours saved
of 1.5h standard debugging time

Bug type:
App using 100% available CPU on certain setups

Here are some of the bugs
our tool is great at hunting down


Keeping your IP safe is our highest priority. If you prefer on-premise over our cloud solution, we'll work closely with your team to create an installation that is specifically aligned with your company's needs, in compliance with any specific verification necessary.


Metabob can be installed on premise to your local machines, garnering extra safety behind every command.

Metabob Security

Metabob remains committed to providing the highest standards of security for all of our customers.

By identifying OWASP top 10 and CWE top 25 security-related issues early in the software development process, Metabob helps to protect your users, data, and your application

Increase developer productivity with the right plan

  • Available for cloud-hosted repositories
  • Unlimited repositories
  • Unlimited lines of code
  • Github and Bitbucket integration
  • Repository stats dashboard
  • Everything from Single Developer plan plus:
  • Developer productivity metrics
  • Team collaboration features
  • Additional Gitlab integration
  • Priority tech support (incl. setup support and user training)
  • Jira integration (coming soon)
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