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Generative AI for refactoring and debugging code

Metabob detects, explains, and fixes coding problems created by humans and AI

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VS Code

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Metabob raises generative AI to a new level

Metabob utilizes proprietary graph neural networks to detect problems and LLMs to explain and resolve them - combining the best of both worlds

  • Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) utilize an attention mechanism to comprehend both semantic & relational markers, resulting in a more complete representation of the input
  • Large Language Models (LLMs, such as GPT) are deep learning models that use billions of parameters & an attention mechanism to predict the most likely token to follow a given input

GNN detects and classifies problematic code with contextual understanding


Problematic code along with enriched context is stored in Metabob's backend


The stored information from the backend is passed to an integrated LLM


The LLM generates a context-sensitive problem explanation and resolution

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AI Static Code Analysis

AI Static Code Analysis

Metabob’s AI is trained on millions of bug fixes performed by experienced developers, allowing it to learn the root causes of many context-based problems.

These are problems traditional static code analysis tools can’t detect.

Metabob detects hundreds of logical problems, varying from race conditions to unhandled edge cases.

Integrate to analyze each pull request to improve code quality, reliability and software security by fixing problems before you merge. No CI setup required.

SonarQube, Deepsource, Code Climate, Codacy.

Software Security Scanning

Prevent known security vulnerabilities before merging to stay compliant with software security industry standards. 

Standards list:
SANS/CWE top 25, OWASP top 10, MITRE CWE. 

Present top features:
- Minimal false positive rate (< 5%)
- Security gate integration
- Secrets scanning

Checkmarx, Snyk Code, Veracode, Semgrep, Sonarqube, Veracode, WhiteSource

Debug and Refactor

Debug faster by automatically generated code fix recommendations and enforce code quality and best practices with Metabob’s refactoring recommendations.

Metabob’s ability to analyze complete code bases allows it to generate context-sensitive code recommendations for found bugs and code smells.

Metabob enforces code quality and best practices by offering refactoring recommendations for areas with messy and ineffective code, ultimately reducing the creation of technical debt and optimizing LOC performance.

Project Metrics

Get actionable insights about your project’s code quality and reliability, along with a bird’s eye view of your team’s productivity.

Key metrics:
- Overall code quality 
- Code quality on a developer basis
- Most frequent problems in a codebase by category
- Estimated time to complete tasks (learn more)


Metabob can be deployed on-prem on your organization’s private cloud and customized to detect problems that are the most relevant to your team.

Metabob outperforms
traditional static code analysis tools

such as Sonarqube and linters

After analyzing the whole codebase, Metabob uses generative AI to facilitate code review and improve software security

Increased developer productivity

Higher detection rate of critical errors

Error type: 
Intermittent server crashes


of 2h standard debugging time

Error type:
App unable to start new threads after run period


Minutes Saved
of 1h standard debugging time

Error type:
Data is overrepresented in certain batches


Hours saved
of 3h standard debugging time

Error type:
App using 100% available CPU on certain setups


Hours saved
of 1.5h standard debugging time

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Supported Languages

Identify errors early in
the development process

Detect and learn the root causes of software bugs and software security vulnerabilities.

Get actionable development productivity and code quality key performance metrics.

Use Metabob's refactoring suggestions to improve code quality and maintainability.

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I absolutely love this and think it's truly ground breaking!

Jonathan De Kock
Tech Lead and Software Developer

I used Metabob and I'm surprised: Metabob helped me to fix a bug that I previously spent 2 hours on.

Viktor Borzov
Front-End Developer

Omg - This is super amazing, more like a super power for developers and data scientists

Boris Ama
Data Scientist

I generally feel that there should be more tools like this. I tried it for one of my projects and it spotted 3 actual problems with my code - wow!

Dmytro Danevskyi
Machine Learning Specialist

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