Save countless hours with Python Code Review

Metabob is the only Python Static Code Analysis tool that reviews code for hidden bugs and performance sinks.

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It’s the fast, easy, and visual way of debugging Python code

Metabob’s Python Code Review helps you to:

Automatically detect areas where bugs may hide

Stop wasting hours locating bugs. Our Static code analysis tool saves you time by pinpointing areas where hidden bugs may be lurking.

Instantly visualize your code’s connections across modules and files

This way your team can gain a deeper understanding of how your software works and where the bugs are.

Coming soon:
Code Recommendations

Accelerate time from testing to launch. Our Code Recommendations help you with debugging your code easily and quickly.

What our users say about us.

Viktor Borzov
Front-End Developer
“I used Metabob and I'm surprised: Metabob helped me to fix a bug that I previously spent 2 hours on.”
Boris Ama
Data Scientist
"Omg - This is super amazing, more like a super power for developers and data scientists"
Dmytro Danveskyi
Machine Learning Specialist
“I really like the idea behind Metabob - I generally feel that there should be more tools like this. I tried it for one of my projects and it spotted 3 actual problems with my code - wow!”
Jonathan De Kock
Tech Lead and Software Developer
"I absolutely love this and think it's truly groundbreaking!"

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