Save countless hours with Python Code Review

Metabob is the only Python Static Code Analysis tool that reviews code for hidden bugs and performance sinks.

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It’s the fast, easy, and holistic approach to
debugging Python code

Metabob’s Python Code Review helps you to:

Automatically detect areas where bugs may hide

Unlike conventional solutions, our tool analyzes your entire code base – not only pinpointing pesky bugs, but recognizing logical and context-based problems.

Instantly visualize your code’s connections across modules and files

This way your team can gain a deeper understanding of how your software works and where the bugs are.

Coming soon:
Code Recommendations

Accelerate time from testing to launch. Our Code Recommendations help you with debugging your code easily and quickly.

What our users say about us

Viktor Borzov
Front-End Developer
“I used Metabob and I'm surprised: Metabob helped me to fix a bug that I previously spent 2 hours on.”
Boris Ama
Data Scientist
"Omg - This is super amazing, more like a super power for developers and data scientists"
Dmytro Danveskyi
Machine Learning Specialist
“I really like the idea behind Metabob - I generally feel that there should be more tools like this. I tried it for one of my projects and it spotted 3 actual problems with my code - wow!”
Jonathan De Kock
Tech Lead and Software Developer
"I absolutely love this and think it's truly groundbreaking!"

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