Meet Our
Talented Crew

Massimiliano Genta


Massi is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive and successful track record as a founder in deep tech startups in the IoT and AI industries.

Avinash Gopal


Avi has a background in Aerospace Engineering, with expertise in all areas of development with focus in AI and machine learning.

Benjamin Reaves

Director of AI

Ben holds MS from Stanford and 35+ years experience as an NLP engineer in high growth startups and in big corporations such as Panasonic and Toyota.

Stany Dalmet

VP of Engineering

Stany has 20 years of experience building custom software applications, dashboards, cloud based infrastructure, data analysis, and machine learning applications.

Fabian Eggers


Fabian oversees all of Metabob's marketing efforts. He is an expert in entrepreneurial marketing, in the startup environment and academia.

Sako Mammadov

Dev Ops

Sako is an expert in building infrastructure for continuous integration, automated software releases, and infrastructure automation.

Donji Yamada-Dessert

Director of Design

Donji is a Ux Designer with a background in the Self Driving Car industry & entrepreneurship

Our Awesome

Howie Xu

Founder/Head of VMware Networking

Ido Sarig

Chief Marketing Officer at Indiggo

Samir Chokshi

Angel Investor at New York Angels

Ryo Kaneko

Director of Innovations at NEC X

John Stanton

Founder and CEO at
GTM Ventures

Tony Bergas-Vilardell

Tech Investor, Vice President at Ligo Partners