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October 2nd, 2023
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Challenges of Manual Code Reviews

While manual code reviews have been a staple in the software development process, they are not without their challenges.

These challenges often stem from inherent human limitations and the evolving landscape of modern software development.

  1. Time and resource intensiveness:

    Manual code reviews require a considerable amount of time and effort from developers, particularly when reviewing extensive codebases. Developers have to balance their time between writing new code and reviewing existing code, which can slow down development cycles.

  2. Limited scalability:

    As projects and teams grow in size, scaling human code reviews becomes a significant challenge. The increased volume of code to be reviewed may overwhelm the available human resources, delaying the review process and impacting project timelines.

  3. Fatigue and error-prone nature:

    Performing extensive manual code reviews can lead to reviewer fatigue, reducing their ability to detect errors effectively. Fatigue-induced errors can result in overlooking critical bugs or offering suboptimal suggestions for code improvements.

The challenges associated with manual code reviews can have a cascading effect on code quality and overall software development efficiency:

  1. Reduced Code Quality:

    Inconsistencies and the potential for oversight during manual reviews can result in undetected bugs, suboptimal code structures, or non-compliance with coding standards. This can degrade the overall quality and reliability of the software product.

  2. Extended development timelines:

    The time-consuming nature of human code reviews can lead to delays in project completion. Lengthy review cycles can hinder the release of software updates, impacting market competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

  3. Increased maintenance effort:

    Undetected issues and suboptimal code identified post-deployment necessitate additional maintenance efforts. This increases the workload for developers, diverting resources from new development tasks to address existing code-related problems.

In light of these challenges and their resultant impact, it is clear that the space is one that can greatly benefit from applications of AI. An AI code review tool that can perform a review over a large codebase while understanding its context and environment has the potential to vastly improve software development teams’ code quality and maintainability, and ultimately prevent the creation of technical debt. 


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