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September 15, 2022
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An international career in software development: Metabob’s Sako Mammadov

Today, we sit down with Metabob DevOps Manager, Sako Mammadov, to hear about his journey to Metabob and why he feels Metabob’s tool is so influential.

Today, we sit down with Metabob DevOps Manager, Sako Mammadov, to hear about his journey to Metabob and why he feels Metabob’s tool is so influential.

Sako, tell us about your early life and what kinds of things you enjoyed doing as a child.

Since I was 4 or 5 years old, I was very interested in building my own toys. I remember when I spent a couple of months building my own bike. My favorite activity was building the things that I would have fun with! I really enjoyed the process of building things.

Tell us a little bit about your academic background and how you got to this point in your career. 

I started my academic career in my native country of Azerbaijan. I received my MBA and a degree in IT Management from Qafqaz Universiteti. From there, I continued my education in France where I received my master’s degree in computer security and communications at Telecom Paris. After completing my education in France, I came to the United States, where I received a master’s degree in software engineering from the International Technological University in Santa Clara. 

You have lived in many countries. How have you been able to communicate with your colleagues?

Actually, I am able to speak Azerbaijani, English, Turkish, Russian, and intermediate German and French.

What motivates you to wake up and work for Metabob?

There are many things that motivate me to work for Metabob and I could talk about it for days, but I believe there are four main things that motivate me the most to wake up every day and work. First, the product itself, which is very useful, innovative and there is a lot of room for growth. Second, I met Massi (CEO) and Avi (CTO) in school, so my motivation comes a lot from the friendship. Third, I really like the openness and willingness to try new things, ideas and freedom to be creative. Fourth, Metabob has a very diverse team with team members from different cultural backgrounds.

Can you explain why Metabob is a useful tool? 

Sure! Metabob is a tool built by developers for developers. Our mission is to solve one of the biggest challenges in computer science by increasing the productivity of developers. There are many companies right now trying to market their software, and if there is software being created, then there are developers. These companies should always care about the productivity of their developers. Metabob is a tool that increases the efficiency of developers, which in turn decreases the cost for the companies. On top of that, our tool enables developers to create higher quality code. Therefore, once our tool reaches a certain dimension, the impact worldwide will be massive.

Tell us about the work environment at Metabob.

Working on what you love is always a privilege. Also, it is very nice to work among friends and do what I like to do. The environment at Metabob is awesome and everyone is passionate about our company. Working at Metabob does not feel like working at all.

What would you say to someone interested in coding who perhaps feels intimidated to get started?

First, I would say that the internet has everything that anyone needs in order to learn how to code. Also, being patient and having a good mentor are two important aspects because having too much out there might make you feel lost. Start building stuff when you can! Have your own project where you can do a little bit today, come back tomorrow and do a little bit more. Also, it is important to have consistency and do little by little and eventually the outcome will be extremely positive.

To whom would you recommend Metabob and why should people use it?

It is always nice to have automated reviews in your coding process. Metabob can provide value to developers regardless of their experience level, from senior developers with years of professional experience to junior developers who have just started their coding careers.

Massi Genta


Massi is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive and successful track record as a founder in deep tech startups in the IoT and AI industries.

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