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Enterprise Use Cases

Maintaining legacy code

Metabob is a vital tool for organizations grappling with expansive and complex legacy codebases, which makes detecting potential bugs and suggesting fixes a resource-draining problem; Metabob turns code maintenance into a manageable task.

Preemptively detecting serious issues in new code

By analyzing new code in real time, Metabob helps identify potential bugs early in the development process, thereby saving development time, improving software quality, and preventing costly post-deployment fixes.

Validating correctness & cohesion of AI-generated code

As a sophisticated analysis tool, Metabob can scan AI-generated code for bugs, validate cohesion with the rest of the project and suggest corrections, acting as a crucial feedback loop that helps AI code generation models improve over time.

Customizing detections to your specific use case

Using enriched code commit data from industry specific datasets and your internal commit history (if available), Metabob's AI detection models can learn to detect industry specific problems when installed on-premise.

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Standard Debug Time

Debug time \w Metabob

Intermittent server crashes

Unpacking compressed file causes server to use all available memory

Resource leak

3 hours

30 minutes

Application unable to start new threads after a run period

Max process pool was set to a fixed value, which was higher than some machines were able to handle

Module misuse (multiprocessing)

2 hours

20 minutes

Training data is being overrepresented in certain batches

Threaded data generator is referring to a shared memory object that isn’t released explicitly

Module misuse (pandas)

5 hours

35 minutes

Application uses 100% of available CPU on certain setups

Overcommitting resources due to not properly setting the process limits from the data provided by the system API

Module misuse (multiprocessing)Platform specific problems

1.5 hours

15 minutes

11.5 hours

1.4 hours

Total time saved using Metabob: 10.1 hours

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