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Metabob continuously monitors code quality and software security and provides actionable insights for your team

Detect hidden security vulnerabilities and bug risks early in the SDLC with Metabob’s AI-assisted static code analysis. 

Get a bird's eye view
of your team's developer productivity

Learn the impact of of unresolved bugs on your developer experience.

Optimize time management, reduce costs, and increase development productivity

Get insights into individual and team developer productivity and code quality metrics, such as developer progress, strengths, development velocity, bug difficulty and overall code quality.

Based on your team’s interactions, Metabob learns what kind of issues matter the most and prioritizes them for your team.




Identify errors early in
the development process

Detect and learn the root causes of software bugs and software security vulnerabilities.

Get actionable development productivity and code quality key performance metrics.

Use Metabob’s refactoring suggestions to improve code quality and maintainability.

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